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November 2018

08 Thursday 7pm, donations welcome
Georg Kühlewind Memorial Lecture

Communities of Meaning

Andy Leaf

In this talk, we will explore how our words—in their essential nature and their interactions with each other—reveal a great deal about our social relationships. Or, at least, our possible social relationships. How, rightly understood in ways not typically taught in our schools and colleges, they reflect back to us our own deeper natures and positive social possibilities: that is, how we understand and relate to ourselves as individuals, to each other, and to the social wholes in which we participate.

We are at a time when, for many reasons, it is far too easy to lose sight of such insights day to day—even perhaps for anthroposophists. My sense is that many truths which can radically transform our understanding are often so close to us—right under our collective noses—that we fail to notice them. And that this is the case with both our common experience of language and our innate capacities for genuine, sustainable, even joyful community.

Note: the evening will include music by violinist Eva Ingolf.

Andy Leaf: taught high school English in four independent schools including the Garden City, NY, Waldorf school, where he also served as Faculty Chairman. In recent years, he has consulted on leadership and organizational issues in Waldorf schools and on training and organizational development for business and non-profit organizations. He has an AB degree from Harvard College and in the ‘60s served as a private in the US Army, where he specialized in cryptology and dishwashing, with considerable emphasis on the latter.

09 Friday 7pm, donations welcome
Monthly meeting

Members’ Evening

Working with the worldwide study theme, Foundation Stone mantra, and the Christmas Conference of 1923/4. Artistic work, social time, and refreshments. Next date: December 7th.

12 Monday 7pm, $10-20 sugg. donation
Monthly eurythmy

The Cloud Illuminator

Linda Larson

You are invited to come and move with us the first group form that was given by Rudolf Steiner for Eurythmy, to be moved in space. It is for the nourishing and enlightening verse, “The Cloud Illuminator,” the first verse he gave for Eurythmy, “to develop the feeling and mood of veneration and to achieve peace.” This can be very supportive for us in these times we are now living in. I look forward to seeing you for this sharing of movement and sound in the light. Next date: Dec 10.

Linda Larson: Eurythmist, facilitates workshops and seminars, Eurythmy in the Workplace; has taught in Waldorf Schools, Camphill communities, businesses and non-profit settings, etc., performed, and practiced Therapeutic Eurythmy in Europe, UK, USA; currently Therapeutic Eurythmist at Rudolf Steiner School, NYC; trained in Dornach, Switzerland, England, USA; MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art; BS from U. of Delaware.

14 Wed 7pm, $10-20 sugg. donation
Monthly lecture series


David Taulbee Anderson

These ten lectures will build up a picture of Judaism and its role in world history. They should be of interest to both Jews and non-Jews. For non-Jews, penetration and insight into the essence of Judaism will become possible through observing the historical phenomena and allowing the inner ensouling content to speak, just as we look at an individual’s biography to find the soul revealing itself in and through it to an observer who approaches it with loving interest. The study of Judaism presents us with a rich spiritual content that has formed an especially important component of the total spiritual fabric of the evolution of mankind. It is hoped that those already familiar with the Jewish religion as their own will find much of interest to them and enlivening, new, and fresh ways of looking at an old, but evolving subject.

Part 3: The Kingdom.

• House of David (1003-970bc). Solomon (970-930). The 2 Kingdoms split (927bc).

• Elijah and the prophets (850-400bc).

Part 4: December 12 - FALL OF SAMARIA (772bc).

Part 5: January 16 - RETURN OF JUDEA (520bc).

Part 6: February 13 – ROMAN RULE (63bc).

Part 7: March 13 – ISLAM (600ad).

Part 8: April 17: - From Spain to Turkey.

Part 9: May 15 - Opening the ghetto gates and entering the outside world.

Part 10: June 12 – The Liberty Bell.

David Taulbee Anderson: has taught drawing & painting around the world. He has an MA in Art and certificates from Emerson College (Waldorf education), and the Wagner School at the Goetheanum (teaching painting).

19 Monday 7pm, $10-20 sugg. donation
Scorpio Eurythmy Circle

Going Deeper

Marta Stemberger

Dare to go deeper by exploring the kinesthetic wisdom of the Zodiac constellation of Scorpio, as the Sun is visiting its deep purple house from November 19 through December 19. Yes, the dates are correct: they are based on the observable astronomical data. Stop by to connect with each other through harmonious movement to contemplative live piano music and inspiring poetry. Tune into your body with hygienic copper rod exercises. Bring to life the basic elements of music: beat, rhythm, pitch. Glimpse into the eurythmy gestures for the powerful consonants S, Z, SH, ZH, CH, TH (as in “season”, “zenith”, “show”, “judge”, “chase”, “thunder”), the gift from the stars in the constellation of the deep purple Scorpio. And yes, go ahead... invite a friend or a family member to come with you. Open to all who can walk. No prior movement experience is needed. Next date: Dec 17.

Marta Stemberger, MA: a harmonious movement teacher, mindful translator, spiritual researcher, radio host, and featured HuffPost blogger. Marta has taught movement, performed, and lectured in Europe and the U.S. since 1989.

23-24 Fri 6:30pm, Sat 10am
First Class meetings

For members of the School of Spiritual Science

30 Fri 7:00pm, sugg. donation $10-20
Evening performance

Pilgrims & Troubadours: Songs & Stories from a Musical Pilgrimage

Alexandra & William Riggins

In 1996, Alexandra and Wiliam left their home in the USA and began a long pilgrimage. Traveling by bicycle, they carry a guitar and tent, and visit holy places of all religions. Along the way, they sing for people—in schools, universities, retirement homes, clinics, prisons, churches, conferences, camps, monasteries and wherever they are invited. Accompanied by the guitar, they sing songs from the various countries they have visited in about 16 different languages, as well as songs they have composed based on their experiences. You are invited to join them on a bit of their journey as they sing, recount experiences, and share insights gathered while traveling through forty-nine countries and four continents, covering 3600 miles by bicycle. Their book, Pilgrims and Troubadours, was published in 2013. To schedule an appearance, contact

Website: https:/ - Painting by Alexandra Riggins:

December 2018

02 Sunday, 7:00pm, donations welcomed
Festival gathering

The Advent Garden

The Festival Group

When nights overshadow day we walk the Advent Garden, an inward and outward spiral. Lighting a candle from a flame representing the heart of the universe, we each walk alone to place our little light on a star in the garden’s outward spiral: an image of the bridge between spirit and matter.

09,16,23 Sundays, time tba
Festival gatherings

Advent Meetings

Festival Group

All are invited to create these evenings together in preparation for the Holy Nights programs (December 24–January 5) and Epiphany, January 6th.

18 Tuesday 7pm

Dickens’ A Christmas carol

Walking the dog Theater

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