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August 2018

20 Monday 7pm; pay as you can, $20 suggested donation
August Eurythmy Circle

Receive & Give

Marta Stemberger

How to transition from Summer to Autumn? Come in for some gentle harmonious movement exercise. May we gratefully receive the riches so that we can share our abundance with others through Love. We’ll practice conscious walking on the Earth in gratitude; learn to move the eurythmy gestures for the consonants B and P (the gift from the constellation of the Virgo); connect with each other with gentle exercises to enlivening piano music and beautiful poetry. And yes, go ahead... invite a friend or a family member to come with you.
Open to all who can walk. No prior movement experience is needed.
Share your vibrant light in a circle of like-minded souls.

Marta Stemberger, MA: a harmonious movement teacher, mindful translator, spiritual researcher, radio host, and featured Huffington Post blogger. Marta has taught movement, performed, and lectured in Europe and the U.S. since 1989. For more information visit

27 Monday 7-9pm, donations welcomed
Evening gathering, third in a series

Conversations on Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in Anthroposophy

Are we able to have a fruitful conversation around race, ethnicity, and culture? How might we create a space for us to come together to listen and speak about our own identities and lived experiences? How was race and culture expressed by Steiner and what insights as well as questions come with these anthroposophical ideas? This has been one of the most challenging and serious conversations in anthroposophy and a frequent place of criticism.

In exploring these topics together in an intimate environment, we hope to understand, engage, and wrestle with the complex questions around race and racism in anthroposophy. This is a three part series that will run June, July, and August. In the first meeting we shared the experiences we live with today concerning these questions and together will study a few samples of Steiner’s work on race and culture. For the June meeting we read Mission of the Folk Souls, Lecture 4, and The Universal Human, Lecture 1, as preparation.

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