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May 2018

19 Saturday 7pm, $10-20 sugg. donation
Evening lecture

From the Great Lakes
to the Great Salt Lake

Eugene Schwartz

Eugene continues his look at anthroposophy and Mormonism. We will trace the circumstances that led Joseph Smith and his followers to migrate from New York to the Great Lakes area and Brigham Young to move further west still to Utah. We will explore the “spiritual geography” of North America portrayed by Steiner and the biblical-era Israelite migrations described by Joseph Smith. And we will ask why the LDS Church has grown to be the largest and most influential religion originating on American soil, while anthroposophy has made few inroads into American culture.

Eugene Schwartz: taught for many years at Green Meadow Waldorf School and directed the Teacher Training Program at Sunbridge Institute. He lectures internationally on anthroposophy and Waldorf education and has pioneered online presentations including the Online Conferences for Waldorf teachers. His hundreds of lectures and articles may be found at .

21 Monday 7pm, $10-20 sugg. donation
Gemini Eurythmy Circle

Be Free & Shine

Marta Stemberger

Enjoy the brightness of high spring with the breathing variations of the consonant H, as it sounds in “happy” and in “human”, the gift from the constellation of yellow Twins. Now is the time to let go, be free, and shine. We’ll practice gentle exercises to enlivening piano music and beautiful poetry, learn to move the eurythmy gestures for the sounds H (“happy”, “human”) and I (“ee”), and the music interval of the 7th, and connect with each other and find inner peace with eurythmy exercises given by Rudolf Steiner. Invite a friend or a family member to come with you. We’ll practice gentle harmonious movement exercises to live piano music and beautiful poetry. Share your vibrant light in a circle of like-minded souls. Open to all who can walk. No prior movement experience is needed. Future dates: June 25, July 23, August 20.

Marta Stemberger, MA: a harmonious movement teacher, mindful translator, spiritual researcher, radio host, and featured Huffington Post blogger. Marta has taught movement, performed, and lectured in Europe and the U.S. since 1989. For more information visit

25 Friday 7pm, $10-20 sugg. donation
Evening lecture

Heartfelt Thinking, part 2

Serguei Krissiouk

We think with our heads, we feel with our hearts, and we act with our bodies. What do we know about human heart? According to many esoteric teachings, the human heart is the organ of subtle perception. Is it possible to think with the heart? No. But it is possible to fructify and enliven our thoughts with the warmth of the heart. Thoughts infused with life become living thoughts. Mechanical thinking is a self-destructive force. Living thinking is a creative and sustaining force. What do we choose?

Serguei Krissiouk: a student of life and a seeker of knowledge. He is an anthroposophically trained physician, holistic counselor, homeopath, and musician.

26 Saturday, 7pm, $10-20 sugg. donation
Evening lecture

The 33-Year Rhythm & the Stars in Biography

Jonathan Hilton

All things in historic evolution arise transfigured after thirty-three years, as from a grave, by virtue of a power connected with the holiest of all redemptions: the Mystery of Golgotha. —Rudolf Steiner

An expression of this manifestation of the Christ-Impulse can be found as a new rhythm of time in human history and biography. This is the 33-years’ rhythm. —Willi Sucher

The transition to a new star wisdom, or astrosophy, demands that we begin to move from a space bound thinking into a living experience of time. This begins with understanding cycles and rhythms in relation to the stars. On this 33rd anniversary of the death of Willi Sucher (pictured right) on May 21st, we will explore through presentation and conversation, some of the star rhythms in human biography with a special focus on the 33-year rhythm as a new rhythm in humanity.

Jonathan Hilton: had ongoing study with Willi Sucher from 1977 until his death in 1985. Jonathan has taught courses, lectured, and written on astrosophy widely. He is a trustee of the Astrosophy Research Center.

31 Thursday, 7pm
Reports & Conversation

From the Goetheanum

Reports from recent visits to the Goetheanum - presentations by Marta Stemberger, Linda Larson, Jonathan Hilton, and Joshua Kelberman about recent conference attendance in Dornach.

June 2018

04 Friday 7pm, donations welcome
Monthly meeting

Members’ Evening

Working with the worldwide study theme, “Light and Warmth for the Human Soul.” Artistic work, social time, and refreshments. Next date: in September

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