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26-28 Fri 6pm - Sun 1pm
Regional mtg - off site

Mid-Atlantic Gathering:

“Toward a Deepening of the Christmas Foundation Impulse”

NOTE: At the Threefold Auditorium in Chestnut Ridge (Spring Valley), Rockland County, NY.

Approaching the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Foundation Meeting, let us consider the lofty ideal expressed by Rudolf Steiner, January 13, 1924:

“The soil in which the Stone was laid could be no other than the hearts and souls of those united in the Society. And the Foundation Stone itself must be the attitude of mind which grows when anthroposophy gives shape to life. This attitude in life, as it is required by the signs of the present time, lies in the will to find—by deepening the human soul—the path to an awakened vision of the Spirit and to a life proceeding from the Spirit.”

How does this “path to an awakened vision of the Spirit” relate to the anthroposophical movement, the Anthroposophical Society, and the School of Spiritual Science? And how can the Anthroposophical Society assist in this deepening of the human soul? Does the School of Spiritual Science have a role to play in the life of the Anthroposophical Society? These are some of the questions and ideas that can fill our souls when we meet in October.

Location: Threefold Auditorium, 260 Hungry Hollow Rd., Chestnut Ridge, NY.

Fee: $95 (includes Saturday lunch and supper and three coffee breaks).

Information: Contact Christa Lynch at 845-352-5020 x122 or

Pre-registration is required. To register, visit

27 Saturday 7pm, $10-20 sugg. donation

Classical Guitar Recital

Aryeh Eller & Serguei Krissiouk

Seasoned performers enchant and entertain with a variety of pieces and styles.

ARYEH ELLER: studied guitar in Israel, Bachelor of Music (Brooklyn College) and Master of Music (Manhattan School of Music). Received the Andres Segovia Award for “Furthering the Spirit of the Guitar.”

SERGUEI KRISSIOUK: studied guitar in Kiev, Ukraine, music theory and composition in England and Germany. His repertoire includes Renaissance, Baroque, Flamenco, and his own compositions.

29 Monday 7pm, $10-20 sugg. donation
Libra Eurythmy Circle

Strive for Balance

Marta Stemberger

Strive for balance by exploring the kinesthetic wisdom of the Zodiac constellation of the Scales, as the Sun is visiting its indigo house from November 1 through November 18. Yes, the dates are correct: they are based on the observable astronomical data. Stop by to connect with each other with gentle exercises to enlivening piano music and beautiful poetry, learn to move the eurythmy gestures for the rainbow consonant of TS, as in “tsar,” the gift from the stars in the constellation of Libra, and create the breathing five-pointed star in space with the eurythmy gestures of five main vowels. And yes, go ahead... invite a friend or a family member to come with you.

Open to all who can walk. No prior movement experience is needed. Future dates: Nov 19, Dec 17.

Marta Stemberger, MA: a harmonious movement teacher, mindful translator, spiritual researcher, radio host, and featured HuffPost blogger. Marta has taught movement, performed, and lectured in Europe and the U.S. since 1989.

Nov 08 Thursday 7pm
Evening talk


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