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Centerpoint Gallery

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Members’ Group Show

Organized by Sylvia Mandel

By members & from members’ personal collections; organized by Sylvia Mandel. David Anderson • Kelly Beekman • John Oliver Browne • Penny Carter • Barbra Frankel • Lani Kennefick • Linda Larson • Nancy Macina • Sylvia Mandel • Eli Thomas • Katherine Vode

January 2019

16 Wed 7pm (pay as you can, $20 suggested)
Monthly lecture series


David T. Anderson

Ten lectures build up a picture of Judaism and its role in world history, though each lecture stands alone. The study presents a rich spiritual content that has formed an especially important component of the total spiritual fabric of the evolution of mankind. It is hoped that those already familiar with the Jewish religion will find enlivening, new, and fresh ways of looking at an evolving subject.

Part 5: RETURN OF JUDEA (520bc). • Pioneers. Ezra & Nehemiah. The Torah & the Bible. Babylonian Jews & Purim. • Jews & Greeks (336-63bc). Hasmoneans (140-116bc). Hanukah. Pharisees & Saducees.

David Taulbee Anderson: has taught drawing & painting around the world. MA in Art and certificates from Emerson College (Waldorf education), and the Wagner School at the Goetheanum (teaching painting).

21 Mon 7pm (pay as you can, $20 suggested)
Monthly eurythmy

The Wishes of the Soul

Linda Larson

Please join us, moving together into the New Year of 2019, supporting each other in reaching toward our best selves. As we explore rhythm in our lives, with the verse from Rudolf Steiner, “The Wishes of the Soul,” a deepening of our soul’s path is nourished through his words. (Artwork by Ninetta Sombart.) Next date: Feb 11. All levels of experience welcome; bring soft-soled shoes.

Linda Larson:is a eurythmist, facilitates workshops and seminars, Eurythmy in the Workplace. has taught in Waldorf schools, Camphill communities, businesses and non-profit settings, performed, and practiced pedagogical and therapeutic eurythmy in Europe, UK, USA; currently therapeutic eurythmist at Rudolf Steiner School, NYC; trained in Dornach, Switzerland, England, USA; MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art; BS from U. of Delaware.

28 Mon 7pm (pay as you can, $20 suggested)
Capricorn Eurythmy Circle

Inner Light

Marta Stemberger

Tune into the wisdom of your soul. Explore the kinesthetic wisdom of the Zodiac constellation of Capricorn, as the Sun visits its soft rose house from Jan 18 through Feb 15 (the dates are from the observable astronomical data). Nurture your life forces by moving your body, soul and spirit in hygienic copper rod exercises, soothing vowels and cleansing consonant L, and to the sounds of enlivening music. Learn a simple, yet potent exercise you can practice at home. And yes, invite a friend or a family member to come with you. — Open to all who can walk. No prior movement experience needed. Next: Feb 18.

Marta Stemberger, MA:is a eurythmist, harmonious movement teacher, mindful translator, spiritual researcher; teaching movement, performing, lecturing in Europe and the US since 1989. To read more about Marta and eurythmy, visit

Feb 08 Fri 7:00pm
Monthly meeting

Members’ Evening

Details to come - save the date.

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