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All-Donation Month
A Holiday Gift to all! Events this month are by donation! Please give within your means whatever expresses your support of presenters’ work and study and our costs in creating events.

“The healthy social life is found
when in the mirror of each human being
the whole community finds its reflection
and when in the community
the virtue of each individual is living.”
Rudolf Steiner, Motto of the Social Ethic

December 2017 

01-02 Fri 6:30pm, Sat 10am
First Class meetings
For members of the School of Spiritual Science

02 Saturday 2-5pm - $20 sugg. donation
Talk and conversation

Wise Heads of Kings, Simple Shepherds’ Hearts

M.A. Kirkwood

Rudolf Steiner spoke emphatically about the importance of the arts whose creation is always a “struggle to harmonize the spiritual-divine with the physical-earthly.” In M.A. Kirkwood’s novel Claire Ange a befuddled spirit-entity opens portals into spirit-destiny through earthly deeds, in a humorous, contemporary narrative. The author will discuss consciousness soul (the thinking heart) in storytelling (with examples in Western literature) and humor’s role as a conduit to spiritual truths.

M. A. (Mary Anne) Kirkwood: has worked as ad copywriter, tv scriptwriter, PR and comedy writer. She creates entertaining literary fiction with a spiritual resonance.

02 Sat 7-9pm - donations welcome

Classical Guitar Concert

Elizabeth Coleman, Aryeh Eller, Serguei Krissiouk

An evening with members of the NYC Classical Guitar Society. Three seasoned performers enchant and entertain with a variety of pieces and styles.

Elizabeth J. Coleman: attorney, poet, and guitarist, studied and performed classical guitar for many years. See .

Aryeh Eller: studied guitar in Israel, Bachelor of Music (Brooklyn College) and Master of Music (Manhattan School of Music). Received the Andres Segovia Award for “Furthering the Spirit of the Guitar.”

Serguei Krissiouk: studied guitar in Kiev, Ukraine, music theory and composition in England and Germany. His repertoire includes Renaissance, Baroque, Flamenco, and his own compositions.

03 Sunday 5:30pm – donations welcome
Festival gathering

The Advent Garden

Led by Cynthia Murphy-Lang & the Festival Study Group

When nights overshadow day we walk the Advent Garden, an inward and outward spiral. Lighting a candle from a flame representing the heart of the universe, we each walk alone to place our little light on a star in the garden’s outward spiral: an image of the bridge between spirit and matter.

CYNTHIA LANG: a Waldorf remedial & kindergarten teacher, has led Advent Gardens for over 15 years.

Advent Gatherings: Dec. 10, 17, 24, 5:30pm
Holy Nights, Epiphany: Dec. 25th-Jan. 6th

Advent prepares us for an inner birth of the light of Christmas. The Holy Nights can open us to the spiritual potential of the year ahead. We will have weekly Advent gatherings leading to Holy Nights celebrations culminating in Epiphany on Jan. 6th.
Holy Nights details will be online and on a bookstore card.

08 Friday 7pm – donations welcome
Monthly meeting

Members’ Evening

Working with the worldwide study theme, “Light and Warmth for the Human Soul.” Artistic work, social time, and refreshments. Next date: Jan 19.

09 Sat 2pm - donations welcome
“Open Saturday”

“Waste not, want not”

Megan Wahlberg

A familiar phrase, seldom put into action. Why? Megan Wahlberg invites you to join a conversation on disposable culture (“use once, throw out”) and shifts we can make towards a sustainable economy.

Hello! I’m Megan: I moved to NYC to pursue my passion: sustainability. A former Steiner school student, I studied and worked six years. My blog, Coffee Shop Hop (), “investigates” how stores incorporate sustainability. I look forward to hearing what you have to share.

09 Sat. 7pm – donations welcome
Evening talk

The Return of the Light:
Hannukah in the Light of Christmas

Bella Freuman

What does Hanukkah have in common with Christmas? What do the Menorah, Oil, and Dreidel symbolize? What is the meaning of eight candles and what is the ninth? What can anthroposophy reveal about the heroes of that time? What are your questions?

Bella Bat’or Freuman: born and lived in Israel, trained in Germany in film editing, part of a correspondents team covering the Middle East. A child of Holocaust survivors, questions are her stepping stones throughout life.

11 Monday 7pm - $20 suggested donation
Monthly eurythmy

Winter Warmth for the Soul

Linda Larson

Join us as we move to a beautiful verse that Rudolf Steiner gave for this time of Advent, bringing light into our lives and nourishing our hearts and souls.

Linda Larson: Eurythmist, facilitates workshops, seminars, Eurythmy in the Workplace. Trained in Dornach, England, USA; MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art; curative eurythmist for Rudolf Steiner School NYC.

Rudolf Steiner Bookstore
Holiday Sale
15% off everything
through January 6th

13 Wed 7pm – $20 suggested donation
Monthly lecture series

Anthroposophic Psychology

David Taulbee Anderson

These lectures explore and elaborate on Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy, Psychosophy, & Pneumatosophy. Lecture #4: “Activities of the Human Soul Forces”: the drama of the soul as a battle unveils the destiny. Forgetting, remembering; boredom. Nourishing our reservoir of mental images with new ones.

Next dates: Jan 17, Feb 14, Mar 14, Apr 18, May 16, June 13. Come to any lecture, you do not have to attend the entire series!

David Taulbee Anderson: has taught drawing & painting around the world. He has an MA in Art and certificates from Emerson College (Waldorf education), and the Wagner School at the Goetheanum (teaching painting).

15 Friday 7pm - $10 suggested donation
An esoteric Christmas story

Secrets of da Vinci’s Virgin of the Rocks

Andrew Linnell

Why were there two paintings? What was Leonardo attempting to depict in the original Virgin of the Rocks? Which one is the original? Get ready for an entertaining journey exploring how Florentine schools revived ancient mysteries. Dan Brown fans and art historians will enjoy this!

Andrew Linnell: see Dec. 16 2pm.

16 Sat 2-4pm - $10 suggested donation
The Western esoteric path

Vulcan Beings & the Future Human Body

Andrew Linnell

“Supermen of Vulcan, supermen of Venus, of Mercury, of the Sun, will unite with earth-existence. But if human beings persist in nothing but opposition to them, earth-existence will pass over into chaos in the course of the next few 1000 years.” (Rudolf Steiner, A Picture of Earth-Evolution in the Future, May 13, 1921). Futurologist Ray Kurzweil predicts a human merger with robotics; Steiner’s saw the “welding together of Mankind with machines will be a great and important problem for the rest of the earth-evolution.” (The Wrong and Right Use of Esoteric Knowledge, Nov. 25, 1917). We will explore the help being offered by Vulcan beings.

Andrew Linnell: a 42 year veteran of the computer industry, University of Michigan (MSE ‘73), Emerson College, England (‘79), member of the Anthroposophical Society since 1979, president of the Boston Branch.

16 Sat 7:00pm – $20 suggested donation

A Christmas Carol

David Anderson

“A Christmas Carol is the best way I know to become inspired by the season.” So says David Anderson of Walking the dog Theater. Moving fluidly from character to character, Anderson performs the story exactly as Dickens wrote it, both dialogue (in multiple London accents) and descriptive passages.

His rendition, directed by Ted Pugh, revives Dickens’ own manner of storytelling. Bruce Hallenbeck of The Independent called this performance an “amazing one-man show ... what Dickens intended all along!”

22 Friday 7pm – donations welcome
Winter Solstice eurythmy circle

Inner Light

Marta Stemberger

Engage with others during the end-of-year festivities of light, nurturing life forces with harmonious movement: spiritual practice, healing art, and creative expression. Explore the wisdom of Capricorn and experience the conscious unity of people moving together. Practice gently to live piano music of Mozart and beautiful poetry. Learn the eurythmy gesture L as the cleansing, healing, rejuvenating spiritual water fountain, the offering from the constellation of soft pink Capricorn. Next date: Jan 22. Open to all who can walk. No prior movement experience needed.

Marta Stemberger, MA: teacher, translator, spiritual researcher, radio host, featured HuffPost blogger; has taught movement, performed, lectured in Europe and US since 1989.


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