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Doug Safranek - Lynn Loflin

Lynn Loflin is Executive Chef of Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, overseeing meals to two NYC senior Centers, a Head Start Program, and Women’s Shelter at the Park Avenue Armory. She currently owns and operates Newton Farm in the Catskills, which provides organic produce to New York restaurants and has a small Community Supported Agriculture program. Lynn also teaches culinary arts at Columbia Institute for Human Nutrition in the Medical Nutrition Graduate Program for health care professionals. Lynn spends most of her free time sewing and farming. She writes, “I have always been a seamstress and maker of things. Color, language, and the idea of collective memory have been a lifelong obsession. The soothing, meditative repetition of needle and thread handwork and the moment to moment bringing forth of line, color, and text are for me the perfect act of creation.”

Doug Safranek received an MFA from the University of Wisconsin where he studied with Robert Grilley, magic realist John Wilde, and art historian James Watrous who introduced him to egg tempera painting. Safranek currently teaches egg tempera technique at the Art Students League in New York. His work is included in a number of public and private collections, including The Norton Museum of Art, The New York Historical Society, The Museum of the City of New York, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Awards include an Elizabeth Greenshields Grant and a Gold Medal from the Allied Artists of America. He is represented by the ACA Galleries in Chelsea.
For the past thirty years the principal subject of my paintings has been the urban landscape of New York City and the wide variety of folk who populate it. Recently, however, I've begun work on a series of 8" X 6" portraits depicting family members and a number of my New York friends. I've also begun to construct still lifes out of fruits and vegetables grown in my backyard garden or purchased from the farmers' market in McCarren Park which is several blocks from my home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's a collection of these recent portraits and still life paintings that I've chosen for this exhibition.
For viewing availability contact Phoebe ( or 917-443-7358).

Color - In and Out of Form
A collaboration between Sarah Parrilli and Laura Summer

In this exhibit (through March 13) we will explore a collaboration on color, using various approaches, media, intentions and inspirations.
Is painting an expression of an artist or a conversation between the artist and the color?
What happens when the motif becomes recognizable?
What about when it is “abstract”?
As a viewer does it matter what lens we use to look at a painting?
Is our thinking-understanding different from our feeling-understanding?
Sara Parrilli began handcrafts and visual arts in Waldorf school, holds a BA from the Fashion Institute of Technology and completed the Free Columbia Art Course in Philmont, NY.
Free Columbia co-founder Laura Summer trained with Jennifer Thomson; her approach to color is influenced by Beppe Assenza, Rudolf Steiner, and by Goethe’s color theory.
For viewing availability contact Phoebe ( or 917-443-7358).

New Works by David Taulbee Anderson

David trained with Gerard Wagner at the Wagner School of Painting at the Goetheanum. He received a painting teaching certificate from the Goetheanum and currently teaches watercolor with Rudolf Steiner’s training motifs in Manhattan.
This exhibition records a stream of daily work based on original ideas carried out in the quicker and more direct medium of tempera on cardboard. The new paintings would not have arisen without long training and teaching with watercolors that opened up a relationship with the essence and the being of color.

The Growing Imagination:
From the Contents of Spiritual Science

View this exhibit online

An exhibition of paintings by artists following Rudolf Steiner's Training path for painters, a working group led by David Taulbee Anderson. For viewing availability contact Phoebe ( or 917-443-7358). Visit the group on Facebook: "Rudolf Steiner's Training Path for Painters."

Creative Forces

Lani Kennefick

Lani Kennefick was born in Boston, MA,
received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design
in 1983 and an MFA from the New York Academy of Art
in 2011. She lives in Brooklyn.


See more about Lani's work at and

Photography, Fiber Art, Poetry

Natasha Guruleva

An award winning artist Natasha Guruleva was born in Vladivostok, Russia, where she was well known as a journalist and broadcaster.
Now she lives in New York. Her portfolio includes books of fairytales and poetry, songs, photography, independent films, theatrical and dance costumes, fiber artworks and sculpture. Her works have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and are included in museum, corporate and private collections.

Artist's Statement: Reflections

I call the display of my works "reflections" as opposed to "expressions" – albeit the latter are certainly reflections as well, along with everything we perceive with our senses.

I don't consider myself a photographer, though I photograph: I take pictures of my subjects to supplement my poems, which I lament as something severely handicapped. I attribute this to the fact that English is not my native language, but – excuses, excuses…

I don't use any special angles or light of special tweaking – the little maneuvers that might bring my photos into the realm of "real art" – on purpose: I want my camera to reflect what is seen by ordinary eyes, rather than what's transformed and expressed through artistic vision.

Everything around us is so majestic, so full of life, throbbing with incredible forces, singing and communicating – just look and listen, touch and feel.

The fiber works are studies: I work a lot with fabrics that are thought to enhance human self-expression as well as those having a strictly utilitarian function. In these studies I am trying to collaborate with the by-products of plants, insects and animals to reflect a glimpse of their etheric world.

I might not have the gift of gifts, but for what I am given – little bits and pieces – I am eternally grateful. For any help I've gotten I feel limitless gratitude.

For the love that surrounds me I have no words, as this is my life source and essence.


"Wild Sigh"

Rayen Millahual Vargas

Paintings (oil on canvas)

4:00–7:00pm - free/donations welcome

Born and raised on a farm in southern Chile, Rayen (her name means flower) comes from a native community. Her connection to nature and the spiritual world comes from her indigenous roots, and since childhood she had a fascination with the arts. Rayen paints from memory, and it is a vast, spectacular memory. Rayen studied art with Guillermo Santa in Chile and at the Visual Arts Center in Summit, NJ. Artist's Statement: "I believe painting is pure freedom and passion. I remember the first time I saw the gardens the way I painted them—rafting down the Trancura River in my native town. I like to paint gardens—they are wild elegant, diverse, beautiful, gentle and happy. Gardens are very generous in form, color, and shape. They don't leave anything to the imagination- they are majestic and perfect. I think that we are all so fortunate that we see things differently! And through my paintings I share the way I see them."

Dual Art Exhibits
Michael Miller – Joanna Gabler:
“Antiquities of Ireland” – “Transcapes

Transcapes: Nature and Her Essence”
– Joanna Gabler.
“Art is and always will be the sacred and secret gate between the invisible and the visible.”  This exhibit is the fruit of  Joanna’s passion for photography initiated by her studies in anthroposophy. Using photography and developing it further through digital media as a creative tool, her goal is to capture the unseen energies behind physical reality and make them visible as “transcapes,” landscapes transfigured by artistic vision.

Antiquities of Ireland: Nature and Man”
Michael Miller. During extended visits Michael has photographed ancient pagan and Christian monuments of  County Kerry, more recent places and buildings, and the unique people who live amongst them. This spring with The Irish Spritual Heritage Association he is designated photographer in a small group, experts and enthusiasts studying earthworks and remains at Lough Gur, Cnoc Áine, the Fitzgerald/Geraldine castle in Newcastle West, and the Dingle Peninsula.

Joanna Gabler:
her journey as an artist begin in late 1980s, teaching philosophy in her native Poland and emigrating to New York in 1989 where she pursued her artistic  education through FIT, the Pratt Institute, and the New York Art Students’ League. She has worked with watercolor, pastels, oil on canvas, mixed media, collage, and digital photography. In 2008, she combined her loves for photography and nature into one artistic expression.

Michael Miller:
is a writer, editor, art historian, and photographer based in NYC, publisher and editor of the online journal New York Arts, and a passionate photographer since youth. In the early 1990s, as curator of drawings at the Cleveland Museum of Art, he was immersed in acquisitions and exhibitions of photography. He has studied with California photographers Morley Baer, John Sexton, and Robert Dawson, and has worked primarily in large- and medium-format black and white, and in recent years digital. He has taught connoisseurship of drawings and prints at leading universities.

Yael Hameiri
Dialogical Corners
For Viewing: Contact Phoebe Alexander at 212-744-0257, 917-443-7358
Centerpoint Gallery at Anthroposophy NYC & the Rudolf Steiner Bookstore
138 W 15th Street, New York, NY
Click here for the poster...

The closing event for this exhibition will be December 1st at 7pm.

Transitional Spaces
A family of ‘in-between’ spaces, the city’s Other, makes a third urban territory that reflects the evolution of the built environment. These spaces, at this point The Given, Found spaces, between the exposed fast-speed streets and the hermetic environment of the small apartment and individual spaces, hold the potential for new civic reality. A third territory of Transitional Spaces, through an awakened view and architectural tools, can construct systems of latent relations and give new vision to the mythical plaza. The independence of the activity of play departs beyond what is given in the world, and becomes free; the mark of subjectivity in reality in turn validates subjectivity with objective reality. Similarly, a free and exploratory environment in the city is necessary for a threefold relation between affirmation of imagination, initiation, and reevaluation. This valuable, constant and free movement between creative subjective acts and a rigorous reading of context is the living heart of civic urban life, that could be brought into its full expression in architecturally defined—not necessarily built—transitional spaces.

Dialogical Corners
The exhibition portrays series of imaginary architectural moments in different cities. The sites of transitional spaces are in dialogue with the historic conception of a plaza, and what could initiate a form of new civic space while bringing play into the urban filed. The question of childhood in the city is hovering through the proposed spaces.
These intimate spaces, postcards from Other places, are presented in relation to a sequence of charcoal drawings, City Formations, which explore initiation in terms of what is yet to become.

Works on exhibit
Jabalia 1: 1/32”=1’0”
Jabalia2: 1/32” = 1’0”
Jabalia3: 1/32” = 1’0”
Sequence 1: Along
Sequence 2: Within
Sequence 3: El Raval
City Formation 2
City Formation 1
City Formation 3
Yorkville 1/32” = 1’0”
Sequence 3: Between
Sequence 4: Hiding Between
5: Untitled
6: Inside
City Formation 4
Sequence 7: Contemplation
Sequence8: Transition
Sequence 9: Lift
City Forming 5
Sequence10: Dialogues

Yael Hameiri is an architect. She received her architectural degree with honors from The Cooper Union Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture. Yael has taught architectural design at The University of Edinburgh, School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture, and International Workshop at the Universita’ di Sassari Facolt’a di Architettura, Alghero, Italy. She is a guest critic at Cooper Union and the City College of New York. Her work has been exhibited at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel, the Archiprix International at MIT and the Mina Gallery, New York amongst others. In collaboration with The ReGeneration Educational Foundation for children and their community, her design for an Outdoor Play Space is now in development for a site in Jenin, The West Bank.

Feb 19, 7pm

Art Exhibit Opening

On display until April 10

Melania & Melania

Melania Levitsky & Melania Freeburn

Melania Levitzy

Melania Levitsky: “Thoughts on Travels & Holidays” (watercolor on paper). “Surrounded by talent in the visual arts (my sister, father, mother), I was always the performer. But I’ve loved to sketch and I’ve had two bursts of painting: on my honeymoon vacationing with artist friends, and after my daughter was born, she with her paints and me with mine...”

Melania Freeburn: “Cartoons” (pen & marker). “As a youngster, I eagerly awaited the arrival of Punch where Ffollies, Giovanetti, Hargreaves, and Langdon all drew simple captionless animated visual sequences which undoubtedly inspired my work.“

Melania Freeburn:

born in NYC, grew up in Rockland County, taught in Philadelphia for many years, pre-K and elementary and later ESL, and inspired by children’s artwork. Published as the Center City Welcomat’s Cartoonist during the 1980s, and has been in group shows at Off The Wall Gallery at Dirty Frank’s Bar in Philadelphia.

Melania Levitsky:

director and adaptor, occasionally singer and actor; Associate Artistic Director of Walking the Dog Theater. Her show CHEKHOVEK, produced by The Actors’ Ensemble and GoSHow Entertainment, is in NYC at the ArcLight Theater 2/1–3/4/2012. She lives in NYC with husband Richard Emery and their daughter, Nikita Lev Emery.

Free, donations welcome. Join us February 19 for the opening reception, meet the artists, and enjoy refreshments.


Dec 3,

On display:
Nov 18 to
Feb 8

Art Exhibit Opening

Transforming the World - Faces of the World

Pam Hasegawa, Laurie Harden

On display Nov 18–Feb 8. Pam Hasegawa’s photography exhibit is titled “The Asian Rural Institute: Transforming the World a Village at a Time,” and Laurie Harden’s oil paintings and works in pencil, charcoal, pastel are titled “Faces of the World.” — Join us December 3rd for the opening reception, meet the artists, and enjoy refreshments.

Pam Hasegawa

“I have been taking photographs since age 10. My primary subjects have always been family, sustaining life on earth and meaningful interaction between people, including life ‘as it happens.’ Thus, this joint exhibit represents two of my three favorite subjects.”

Laurie Harden

“I became interested in depicting faces of the world as a college student working as a quick sketch artist at an amusement park. I was fascinated by different bone structures and skin colors, and by the differences and similarities in the responses of the people to my work. I hope to bring to light universal emotions and aspirations of people worldwide as they work and play and rest and toil.”

Donations welcomed.

Nov 5:


Art Workshop


Art Exhibit Closing Celebration

Khalid Kodi:
Art Workshop
Exhibit Closing

Art Workshop

Khalid will bring his unique insights as an African-American artist, and explore techniques he used in his current exhibition of paintings: metaphor, metonymy, synecdoche, and irony. Materials will be provided ($10 fee, in cash please). No prior painting experience is needed. Just bring your enthusiasm and a willingness to explore.

$10 cash materials fee, plus regular fee:
$20/$15 Non-Members, $15/$10 NY Branch Members; or 1 frequency discount ticket; lower fee for seniors (65+), full-time students & active Waldorf teachers

Khalid Kodi

born in the Sudan, immigrated to the United States in the early 90s. As an African living in America, he has embraced both cultures, and his work is a conversation of elements from both. He is Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts at Boston College as well as a resident artist in the African American Master Artists in Residence Program (AAMARP), and an adjunct of the Department of African American Studies, Northeastern University.

Click picture to enlarge...

Exhibit Closing Celebration

Join us for a closing celebration of “Metaphor, Metonymy, Synecdoche, Irony” at Centerpoint Gallery. Khalid Kodi, a Wad Madani, Sudan native, is a prolific artist who has emerged as a central figure of his generation working on multi/cross-cultural concepts that focus on the milestones of human life. Works in his past series have poignantly addressed wars, genocide and their human impact. Refreshments with be served.


Sunday, Sept 18, 7pm

Art Exhibit Opening

Exhibit on display Sept 6 thru Nov 11

metaphor, metonymy, synecdoche & irony:
A Childhood in the Sudan

Khalid Kodi



Click picture to enlarge...

From a review by Kay Bourne:
“The fantastical vista is brighter in Khalid Kodi’s revisit to paintings inspired by stories from a childhood in the Su-dan. Now there is a more sophisticated blending and layering born of a longer history of personal dreams, memories, and the events of life... and the artist works from a more considered homage to the aesthetics of European abstraction and abstract impressionism. The work in the exhibit parallels the haunting refrains of ‘Shades of delight…Afro blue’; and like Mongo Santamaria’s jazz classic ‘Afro Blue’ (best known in its arrangement by John Coltrane), these new story tellings keep to a complex yet smooth beat.”

Refreshments will be served.
The exhibit is on display Sept 6 to Nov 11, with a related musical evening, “Songs from the Sudan,” on Sunday, Oct 16, at 7pm.

Khalid Kodi

born in the Sudan, immigrated to the United States in the early 90s. As an African living in America, he has embraced both cultures, and his work is a conversation of elements from both. He is Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts at Boston College as well as a resident artist in the African American Master Artists in Residence Program (AAMARP), and an adjunct of the Department of African American Studies, Northeastern University.

Donations welcome


Friday, April 8, 7–9pm
June 30

Art Opening & Exhibition

Triptychs: The Meditation Charts; Drawings from Chartres; Current Paintings

Dan Marshall

This exhibition is on view April 8–June 30 and includes line drawings of the sculptures of Chartres; eleven triptychs “the Meditation Charts”; and ten paintings. Contact the artist for purchases at 212-369-0359.

Click here to view the PDF invitation.

Dan Marshall

lives and works in New York City. He has shown in numerous galleries, including Arnaud Gallery and the 1816 Gallery in France, and the Tibor de Nagy Gallery in New York. He created the film “Pig” with Andy Warhol, currently in the MOMA collection. Clement Greenberg was an admirer of Dan’s work. Contact artist for sales at 212-369-0359.


Sunday, February 6, through Sunday, April 3

Art Exhibit Opening

Art Opening: “Contrasting Landscapes”

Lee Jamison & Christiane Marks

Christiane’s lush, vegetal, Berkshire landscapes in pastels contrast with Lee’s dry, bright desert landscapes in watercolor. At the opening, meet the artists, enjoy refreshments, buy some artwork, go home happy! This exhibition runs through Sunday, April 3rd. It is followed by a Watercolor Painting & Collage Workshop with Lee Jamison on Sunday, April 3rd, 2pm.

Contact Phoebe at 212-744-0257 or  for viewing availability following the opening.

Lee Jamison

a native of the watery Hudson River Valley, finds inspiration in the very different landscapes of the fiery, American Southwest. Recent hiking trips to Utah, Arizona and Nevada led to the creation of these paintings and collages. Lee lives in Stuyvesant NY, Columbia County, where she works as a psychiatric social worker for people with developmental disabilities when she is not painting. Lee has studied painting with Jennifer Thomson and Laura Summer in Harlemville NY.

Christiane Marks

became wonderfully intimate with those Columbia County places she’s painted, and still feels that connection whenever she drives past them. She experiences the simple joys that go along with landscape painting, spending hours under the open sky, watching the clouds, listening to the birds, smelling the vegetation and the soil and watching the deer come out at dusk.


Dec 18 to
Jan 29

Sat, Dec 18,

For viewing availability contact Phoebe 212-744-0257 or email

Poster here

Oil/Lazure on Canvas

Jorge Sanz Cardona

Two views of the exhibit: -1-  -2-

"I believe Art to be the means through which one can have an entry into the transcendental. To me, the multi-faceted Crossing of color is akin to the path of the spirit that the artist has at his disposal to enter this realm. In my approach to painting, form arises out of the layering of transparent colors in their interplay between light and darkness. My research into human perception and imagination through the arts has led me to explore not only the aesthetic essence of life, but also the dormant spiritual and healing capacities within the soul."

Born in Spain, Jorge spent his early years in South America and Europe and studied art and architecture at university in Germany. He then moved to the US and had the opportunity to work with renowned architects, such as Philip Johnson and Marcel Breuer. Jorge then opened his own architectural design office in Manhattan. In the early 90's, Jorge closed his business so that he could concentrate on painting. His work has been exhibited in galleries in New York, Washington, DC and Santa Fe and is found in private collections in Europe and North and South America. Jorge lectures on the arts and gives workshops internationally.

See Jorge's work online...

Sep 17 to
Dec 10th

Saturday, Oct 9 at 3pm

Paintings & Drawings by
David Anderson
The works have been produced over the last twelve years, including recent and never-before-exhibited pieces.

All the work shows a consistent effort to implement the indications of Rudolf Steiner while pursuing individual inclinations and interests. Throughout the exhibit an effort is visible to recreate the essential aspects of nature in all its realms, not as outward copy but as re-creation of it from the inside out.

Refreshments will be served at the opening.

David Anderson

holds an MA in Art and certificates from Emerson College (Waldorf education), the Wagner School at the Goetheanum (teaching painting); has taught drawing and Wagner painting at Rudolf Steiner School in NYC and around the world.

From April 18 through end of June "Celebrating Us"

Artist Members & Friends of Anthroposophy NYC

Paintings, Drawings, & Photography

Photo by Walter Alexander, click to enlarge.

Artists represented are Walter Alexander, David Anderson, Penny Carter, Cynthia Lang, Sylvia Mandel, Dan Marshall, Lelia Rivera, Sonia Saldarriaga.

Sylvia Mandel

was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel and immigrated to the US with her family in 1955. She has always had an active interest in art, healing, and esoteric studies. She has studied at Cooper Union School of Fine Arts and the School of Visual Arts. Her training in healing with sound, color, and movement in 2003-5 introduced her to Rudolf Steiner's teachings and she joined ASNYC in 2006. She has studied the Gerard Wagner painting method with Hans Schumm and currently with David Anderson. She also volunteers at the Hamilton Senior Center in Manhattan where she taught a Project FIND watercolor class in Winter of 2010.

Lelia Rivera

attended Cass Tech High School in Detroit, where she majored in commercial art. Upon graduation, she received a scholarship to the Detroit Institute of the Arts. She graduated from Wayne State University with a bachelor’s degree in Art Education. Lelia painted with Barbara Glas as during her studies at the Detroit Waldorf Teacher’s Training Institute, and completed a three year anthroposophical art therapy training at de Wervel in the Netherlands, for which she earned a diploma. She also graduated from the Spatial Dynamics training, the Waldorf Resource Teacher’s training, and holds a master’s degree in Special Education. She currently lives and teaches in Queens, NY. Lelia has exhibited previously at the Detroit Institute of Arts in 1965, in Port Huron, Michigan in 1972, at the Chicago Waldorf School in 1995; and more recently, at the Christian Community in New York, and here at the New York Branch.

David Anderson’s

extensive education includes a Masters Degree in Art, a Waldorf Teaching Certificate from Emerson College, Painting Teacher Certificate from the Wagner School at the Goetheanum. He has taught drawing and Wagner painting all over the world and has offered art classes at the NY Branch. His artistic training has provided him with a tool to practice Goethean Science and he has made an ongoing study of the sciences with this method for many years. He will be having a solo show here in March of 2011.

Sonia Saldarriaga

works in watercolor, beeswax, pastel, oil pastel and pencil…and a knitter extraordinaire of lace shawls. Her specialty has become lacework knitting for which she uses very finely spun alpaca and other luxury fibers. She has sold items to high-end specialty fashion shops and designers as well as to private individuals. Sonia has been a prolific painter and sketcher over the last few years, and will be having a solo show here in September of 2010.

Penny Carter

received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has written and illustrated children’s books as well as numerous books for adults. Her artwork has been featured in dozens of magazines and newspapers, from In Style to The New York Times, and has graced the windows of Tiffany’s on several occasions. She was recently asked to make illustrations for the Town of Chatham, New Jersey’s centennial celebration & exhibition. Penny is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and a longtime member of the New York Branch.

Dan Marshall

was born in London, England, and currently resides in NYC. He was educated at the Brighton Art School in England, and headed a large graphic arts company in NYC for many years, during which he continued exploring his creative potential through painting. He’s had major solo exhibitions in Sao Paulo, Milan, New York, and Paris from 1958 through 1986; and showed in various group exhibitions in New York, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Toronto from 1973 to the present. His work is included in various private collections and institutions in Europe, South America, South Africa, New Zealand, and the US, including M.O.M.A.

Walter Alexander’s

connection with the visual arts developed gradually, long after his active interest and involvement in music and literature. After a stretch as a fiction writer, he taught English and literature in the Long Island public schools and at the Rudolf Steiner School here in NYC. During a second career as a professional writer covering medical conferences, he developed the habit of sketching the profiles and backs of heads of other conference attendees. Around the same time, he began falling in love with the landscapes, hues and forms of the Catskills, with a special interest in striving to see into the changing moods of iconic mountain forms and to capture them with an ordinary digital camera.

Cynthia Lang

has been a member of the New York Branch of the
Anthroposophical Society for 22 years, during which she has been teaching in the N.Y.C. Waldorf and mainstream schools.  She is a Waldorf Early Childhood Educator and Educational Support Teacher.  Currently she is teaching at the New Amsterdam Early Childhood Center.  She is the author of Developing the Observing Eye which is recently published and available through AWSNA. Cynthia has studied painting with David Anderson since 1998.  The work presented here represents some early paintings before studying with David, and some are from her work as his student.  "I have always been interested in the arts and in science.  In college I was torn between literature, art, theatre and biology.  Theatre won out, but I always believed there was a way to synthesize all of my interests and develop my talents.  Through teaching in Waldorf  education this belief became a reality and that reality became a process for self development."

For more information & viewing availability contact Phoebe Alexander at 212-744-0257 or email.

Free, donations welcome!

Through April 9th

Contemporary Anthroposophical Artists Contemporary Anthroposophic Artists
and Artistic-Therapeutic Work Arising out of Anthroposophy

This exhibition showcases contemporary artists whose inspiration has its source in Anthroposophy. It serves as an artistic counterpart to our celebration of 100 years of anthroposophy in America, taking place this March.

In conjunction with “100 Years of Anthroposophy in America”
March 6, 9, 10 & 11 at Anthroposophy NYC
And March 12 & 13 at the Steiner Books Seminar to be held at NYU

Contact Phoebe at 212-744-0257 or

Thu Jan 21
at 3:30pm
& 7pm

Art Closing
& Concert


Khalid Kodi



January 21st is the final day to view the art exhibit of Khalid Kodi & Betty Blayton
 3:30 to 6:30 pm

Humanitarian Award ceremony & reception for Betty Blayton
 7-9 pm
Concert Fundraiser for Darfur Rehabilitation Project

Refreshments will be served.

New Works of Appropriating Story:
Art From Darfur & Sudan

Khalid Kodi, long recognized as a prolific Sudanese American master artist, has emerged as a central figure working on multi/cross-cultural concepts. He uses contemporary themes for traditional story telling, incorporating sculpture, paintings, installations and environmental sites. Through his work, Kodi advocates for and humanizes victims of war and genocide in Africa and exposes these events to the larger international community. His exhibitions carry an outreach and educational message that promote peace, human dignity and celebrate a rich culture.

Exhibit runs Nov 21 to Jan 21.
Click here for an interview with Khalid Kodi on WGBH Boston.


Ongoing exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum

1079 Fifth Ave at 89th St.


If you missed the museum walk led by Joyce Reilly and Doug Safranek, you can still catch the important exhibit: the first major retrospective in almost 25 years of work by the great pioneer of Abstractionism, Wassily Kandinsky, held in the museum particularly designed by Frank Lloyd Wright to complement the aesthetic philosophy which informed Kandinsky’s non objective paintings.

See the Guggenheim video on Kandinsky's techniques and online exhibit.

Museum admission is $18 for adults.

Sun OCT 11 at 2:oo pm

Art Exhibit Opening

Illustrating the Holistic Imagination
of Spiritual Science

Andrew Franck

Blackboard drawing by Andrew Franck

Andrew Franck works primarily with encaustics and oil with carbon, but found that diagramming on a chalkboard during his study group presentations clarified and supplemented Steiner’s ideas, and proved to have a beauty all their own. He has exhibited in NYC; Hudson, NY; and Montreal, and has written numerous works on related philosophical/anthroposophical themes.

Details about the exhibit and the artist are here (pdf). And click for poster (pdf).

Donations welcomed!

Fri APR 24 at 6:00-8:30 pm

Art Exhibit Opening



Penny Carter

Detail of a picture from the exhibit by Penny Carter.

Almost-realistic paintings of New York and elsewhere.
Exhibition runs from April 24 to June 10.
Contact Phoebe for viewing availability:
 e-mail or 212-744-0257

Penny Carter

Holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design; has written & illustrated books for children and adults and is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Her artwork has appeared in magazines and newspapers, from In Style to The New York Times, and her sculptural pieces have graced the windows of Tiffany's. She was commissioned to create a series of drawings for Chatham, NJ's centennial celebration. She is a long-time member of the New York branch of the Anthroposophical Society.


February 5th to April 16th

Sat FEB 7 at 2-5 pm

Exhibition & Opening


Robert Umlauf

Rain Forest 1

Over 20 pieces are included in this show, primarily acrylic on canvas paintings, with some that include collage, papers and other materials. Sizes range from 24"x 30" up to 32"x 42" with most of the work done on gallery-wrap canvas and unframed. The work is representational and abstract, using themes from natural settings, often depicting conflicts between human activity and natural landscapes. The work is intended to provoke thoughts, emotions and reactions to how we treat the simple, natural wonders around us. Visit his gallery online.
Exhibition is Feb 5 through Apr 15.

Robert Umlauf

A painter, writer and Biodynamic farmer living in South Central Kentucky. He retired from his previous career as a professor and clinical psychologist, left the suburbs of Washington DC and has focused full-time on art and Biodynamic farming. He built his art studio inside an old tobacco barn on the same farm where he uses Rudolf Steiner's biodynamic preparations. His paintings have been exhibited in Munich, New York City and in small, juried shows closer to his farm. His work points into the layers of the Collective (both conscious and unconscious) with shifting perspectives from the natural world that overlap into the American psyche.


December 4th to February 3rd

Art Exhibit

The TREE As Image of the Self: Trees Through the Seasons

facilitated by Phoebe Alexander

(click for larger image)

Watercolor Paintings by Adults, Older Adults and Young Children

The solitary tree can be seen as an image of the human being standing in the world. And as it stands, weathering the storms and onslaughts of life through the seasons and over countless years, it continues to put forth new growth, blossoms and bears fruit each year.

Over the years our trees have been lopped, topped and broken. They’ve been buffeted by storms and have endured the ravages of summer’s searing heat and winter’s blasting cold. Some have taken root and struggled for life in dry and barren landscapes, while others have had lush and fertile ground to nourish them. All are uniquely individual and attest to the resilience and uniqueness of their human counterparts.

The tree which changes most with the seasons is the deciduous tree. It flowers and bears fruit. This group of trees includes all of our graciously spreading shade trees and all of those that delight our senses in spring with color and fragrance, feed us in summer with fruits and nuts, and inspire us in autumn with brilliant foliage displays. These trees are nurturers, protectors and providers, supporting whole communities of animals within their sheltering limbs. They also provide most of the hardwood for our houses, furnishings and fire-side warmth.
It is in the form of these trees that we can see an image of the lungs and bronchia. And in fact, trees comprise most of the green “lungs” of our planet earth, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing the oxygen we need for life. These are the trees of breath, community and social life.
Most individuals, when asked to paint or draw a tree, especially in relation to a particular season, will automatically paint a deciduous tree. When the image of a conifer (fir or spruce form) appears spontaneously in someone’s painting, it suggests the spine and radiating nerves and a predominating nerve-sense system. When we paint our tree we paint ourselves. Call Phoebe for viewing availability: 212-744-0257 or 917-443-7358

Facilitated by Phoebe Alexander, MSEd,
Anthroposophical Art Therapist.

Phoebe received her certificate in horticulture from The New York Botanical Garden, her BS in special education and art from CUNY Baccalaureate Program, training in Waldorf and remedial Waldorf pedagogy from Emerson College (UK), her diploma in anthroposophic art therapy from de Wervel Academy for Artistic Therapy (Netherlands), and her MSEd in therapeutic recreation from Lehman College, CUNY.
She has worked therapeutically and hygienically with various age groups and populations in recreational and long term care settings, including with the elderly members of the Fellowship Community in Spring Valley (Chestnut Ridge), NY and with co-workers of the community and their children; and has given courses and workshops at various conferences and here at the NY Branch. The seasonal tree paintings in this exhibition are examples taken from these painting sessions.

Sat SEP 20
2-6 pm
with drumming from 3-4pm

Art Opening

The exhibit is ongoing, closing in early December.



ArtSpirit’s exhibit offers the viewer a glimpse into the imagination and creative life of NYC culture. These ingenious and well crafted masks and collages challenge the view that people who live ‘under the radar’ in NY are not talented individuals with a rich spiritual life. Each mask has been made by a member of the Holy Apostles Drumming and Art Group. Also on view are large format Body Collages manufactured by members in a longer workshop that follows the mask making.

For more on ArtSpirit and this exhibit, read It Means Inspiration (pdf).

ArtSpirit is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1997 with the mission to use the arts to build community and bridge cultural divides. Join ArtSpirit staff and program participants in an International Day Of Peace Prayer ritual.

The opening and the exhibit are free, donations are welcome.


Since the Beginning

Two Villages


Spirit of Weaving


Spirit into Matter - Matter into Spirit (Martha Loving Orgain)

Richard Gaeta: My Peopled World

Online: Doug Safranek

Online: Dan Marshall

April 19 — June 19

Art Exhibit


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Since The Beginning

The Artists Of Anthroposophy NYC

Exhibition Runs Through Jun 19
Featuring artwork from members and friends who have been actively connected to our Branch at its current location since the laying of our foundation stone.

Penny Carter: Bus Stop

On display and coordinated with our May 3rd celebration is this current exhibit at Centerpoint Gallery. At right is "Bus Stop" by Penny Carter, which was featured in issue #2 of our magazine Threshold released in 2001.

Artists on display include:

Jorge Sanz-Cardona studied architecture and design at the Technische Hochschule in Stuttgart, Germany and he led his own design office in Manhattan for many years. As co-founder of Anthro Habitat, he is researching the practical applications of Rudolf Steiner's artistic impulse in the areas of architecture, sculpture and painting. He is currently represented by the 78th Street Gallery ~ Art-Color-Spirit in Santa Fe, NM.

THRESHOLD; oil on canvas; AURORA; oil on canvas; DAWN; oil on canvas

Sylvia Mandel was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel and immigrated to the US with her family in 1955. She has always had an active interest in art, healing, and esoteric studies, and was introduced to the Egyptian myths in the 1980's through association with a spiritual study group in the East Village. She has studied at Cooper Union School of Fine Arts and the School of Visual Arts. Her training in healing with sound, color, and movement in 2003-4 introduced her to Rudolf Steiner's teachings and she joined ASNYC in 2006. She currently studies the Gerard Wagner painting method with David Anderson and Hans Schumm.

RA; temperas; 1987; ISIS & OSIRIS; temperas; 1987; MA’AT; temperas; 1987; THOTH; temperas; 1987; CROSSING BETWEEN TWO WORLDS: protective amulet - Eye of Horus on Solar Barque; colored pencil; 1987; SCARAB: amulet of regeneration and spontaneous creation; colored pencil; 1987; CANDELABRA; watercolor; 2006; BUTTERFLY; colored pencil; 2007; LOPHOPHORI WILLIAMSII (peyote button flower - hallucinogen); watercolor; 2000; PAPAVER SOMNIFERUM (opium poppy - morphine); watercolor; 2000; TRICHOCEREUS PACHANOI (Cactus flower - mescaline); watercolor; 2000

Dan Marshall lives and works in New York City. He has shown in numerous galleries, including Arnaud Gallery and the 1816 Gallery in France, and the Tibor de Nagy Gallery in New York. He created the film “Pig” with Andy Warhol, currently in the MOMA collection. Clement Greenberg was an admirer of Dan’s work. Contact artist for sales at 212-369-0359.

STARRY NIGHT; acrylic on paper; 2006; THE ALCHEMIST; acrylic on paper; 2006; HIGH NOON; acrylic on paper; 2006

Lelia Rivera majored in commercial art and received a scholarship to the Detroit Institute of the Arts, and has a BA in Art Education from Wayne State University. She attended the Detroit Waldorf Teacher Training Institute, where she painted with Barbara Glas, and earned her diploma in anthroposophical art therapy from “de Wervel” Akademie vor Kunstzinnig Therapie in the Netherlands. She is also a graduate of the Spatial Dynamics training with Jaimen McMillen, and has a master’s degree in special education. She currently works as a resource room teacher in special education in Brooklyn. Previous exhibitions include the Detroit
Institute of the Arts (1965); Port Huron, MI (1972); the Chicago Waldorf School (1995); and recently, the Christian Community in NYC.

AUTUMN; watercolor; 2007; $250; RED ROSE; watercolor; 2003; WINTER LANDSCAPE; watercolor, India ink, tissue paper; 2007

David Anderson is an artist and an art teacher. He trained at the Gerard Wagner School of Painting at the Goetheanum, and has studied numerous art techniques. He has offered painting and drawing courses at the NY Branch for over 10 years, and has recently been teaching painting and drawing at the New York Open Center as well.

MEDITATION: The Raising of Lazarus in the Elements; watercolor

Dominique Raeuber was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1953. He apprenticed in stained glass, studying techniques for leading, etching, staining and painting. He moved to the US in 1977 and opened a studio with partner Gene Mallard in the northern Catskills. He later moved to NYC for two years where he studied at the School of Visual Arts and the New York Studio School of Sculpture, Drawing and Painting. He worked at a private painting restoration studio, operated a small independent glass studio in the Berkshires, and currently lives and works in New Jersey, where he is employed as production manager and art director at Lamb Studios in Wycoff, NJ.

IF A FISH COULD SEE ITSELF; hand-blown glass, slumped, etched and painted, lead and brass. Installed in light-box, but best viewed with sunlight; A DROP OF SPACE; hand-blown and fused glass, fired and polished copper; THE WOMB THAT BEARS HERSELF; OUT OF EARTH BODY; plant pigment in emulsion, shellac, on paper

Penny Carter has written and illustrated numerous books for children and adults. Her work has appeared in publications ranging from “In Style” to “The New York Times.” More of her work can be seen on her website at She has exhibited extensively, especially in her childhood home state of South Carolina. Contact artist via her website for
sales info.

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR; acrylic on paper; 2008; TREE; acrylic on paper; 2008; SUNDAY, AFTER SUPPER; acrylic on paper; 2008; NEVER AGAIN WILL HE BE SO HAPPY; acrylic on paper; 2008; DELANCY; acrylic on paper; 2008; SHAKE; acrylic on paper; 2008; NAVIGATION ELATION; acrylic on paper; 2008

“Bibi” Fairchild Smith has been a member of the New York Branch for many years. As a young woman, she studied painting in Italy, where she proved to be quite a gifted artist. The four paintings on display here – a small sampling of her lovely work - were painted in the 1950’s. She is currently living in a retirement community in Westchester County.

NAPLES with Vesuvius; watercolor; TOWER, Sienna; watercolor; PARK, Padua; watercolor; VENICE; watercolor; NFS

Anthony Spitaliere has only recently discovered his creativity and love of art, and has been studying painting with David Anderson. He has a BioDynamic farm in Colombia, SA, and a home on Long Island, where his children attend the Waldorf School.

CHRISTMAS MOOD RISING; watercolor; MARCO VALIENT; watercolor; THE LIGHT WITHIN; watercolor; LUNA ECLIPSE; watercolor; SPIRIT MOVEMENT; watercolor; CREATIVE CHAOS; watercolor; NIGHT VENTURING; watercolor

Robb Creese is a largely self-taught novice who has been working with colors for the past four years. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the California Institute of the Arts, an MA from NYU and a law degree from Cornell Law School. He has been a member of the Anthroposophical Society since 1978 and is active in The Christian Community. All of the prints on exhibit are reproductions of artworks created either by applying colored inks diluted with isopropyl alcohol to cotton fabric or by using digital drawing and painting tools.


Sonia Saldarriaga has been painting for over thirty years. She has studied with David Anderson here at the Branch, and at the New York Art Student’s League, and is otherwise largely self-taught. She has exhibited her work here as well as at the Christian Community.

No Title; watercolor on paper

Sat Jan 19
2 – 5 pm

Festive Opening

Call for exhibition ending date

Two Villages Art Exhibit:
Paintings from the Adesha Village Art Program

A collaborative project of Adesha Village & the Phoenix Village Art Center


The Bryn Mawr Consumer’s Center and Artists for Recovery

Festive Opening Sat Jan 19, 2 – 5 pm
Call for exhibition ending date

Adesha Village is a therapeutic community serving adults with mental illness through support, care, advocacy and education. Located in Kimberton PA, it is comprised of individuals with all kinds of strengths and challenges, coming together for social, practical and spiritual support.

Phoenix Village Art Center is a strong cultural presence in downtown Phoenixville PA, and enriches the life of the community with art classes, studio facilities, art shows. Collaboration between the two organizations began over two years ago, and the Adesha Art Program was born, and has produced some amazing growth both personally and artistically for the friends at Adesha Art. Please come and see the fruits of this true community effort!

This exhibition is also joined by The Bryn Mawr Consumer’s Center, a place for connections, services, and healing activities; and Artists for Recovery, a unique organization that has for many years been a self-run center of artistic expression in many forms (music, performance, and the visual arts) as well as offering mutual support and inspiration.

For more information regarding the exhibition itself and the organizations involved, please contact Joyce Reilly at 973-635-4063 (office), 201-213-6294 (cell).

Sat Nov 17

Art Exhibit Opening

Photographic Exhibition – Nov 16 to Jan 10


Kay Erickson

Faces came out of the back streets and alleys of Egypt from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan. Smiling faces against the backdrop of thousands of years of textured layers of light and shadows, paint and stone. Beautiful people walking the ancient streets where thousands of years of people preceded them on the same journey. Patterns, history, ancient and new, all melded together into a natural canvas just waiting to be captured on film, creating a richness that transcends all notions of poverty and political differences.
Through her extensive travels, Kay captures images of people in local communities around the world within their cultural surroundings. Through these images, she hopes to convey a sense of shared humanness. And in the process, to help eliminate some of the present cultural stereotypes that are contributing to worldwide unrest.


Previous Exhibit


NY Guild Of Handweavers

The New York Guild of Handweavers sponsors the "Spirit of Weaving" show for all guild members. Since 1940, the Guild has given inspiration, information and assistance to those interested in continuing to create in the art form of handweaving. From the utilitarian table linen or rug to imaginative and humorous art pieces, the show will demonstrate the beauties of the handwoven textiles that surround us.
Entries will be juried by three fiber artists: Arlene Mintzer, Professional artist, knit & crochet-wear designer and educator; Myra Serrins, Professional artist, weaver & curator; Betty Vera, Professional artist, weaver & educator.

Previous Exhibit
Tingatinga Artists’ Initiative From Tanzania This was an exhibition of unique, charming and colorful nature paintings in the style of the late Tanzanian artist, Tingatinga, who began this artists’ initiative in an effort to support regional artists by making their work available to a wider public. Over 20 artists will be showcased.
This exhibition is supported in part by the Tanzanian Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Augustine Mahiga, who was present at the opening.
One of these paintings was given to Kofi Annan as a parting gesture when he vacated his post as Secretary General this past December.


Previous Exhibit
Spirit Into Matter – Matter Into Spirit

Martha Loving Orgain

Exhibit on view March 16 – May 3, 2007; repeat workshop May 19th.
watercolor veil paintings, photographs, generative art & star chart talismans
Click here (pdf: 2.5 MB) for a slideshow in Adobe Acrobat about Martha's work; right click to download and view on your PC.

With a foundation in anthroposophy and in the unique color work of Liane Collot d'Herbois, Martha creates her art through a spiritual meditative process, weaving together Light, Darkness, Color, and the Word. Her unique star chart talismans include astrological birth and death charts.
Refreshments. Meet the artist.
Donations Welcome

Martha Loving Orgain []

An artist, educator, astrologer and painting therapist, she comes out of an ancestry of weavers and quilters. Martha feels at one with and receives inspiration from nature and the spiritual forces behind what we see. She has been influenced in both her life and work by Sonia Sheridan, Dennis Klocek, and Liane Collot d'Herbois - the latter two having introduced her to the work of Steiner and Goethe. Martha has been reappointed for a third 4-year term on the Virginia Commission for the Arts Professional Artists Roster. Her work is held in many public and private collections.

Past Exhibit Richard Gaeta:
My Peopled World – Paintings & Painted Assemblage

Never having had formal training in art, Richard has developed a natural and uncanny ability to translate his perceptions of people and animals into gesture and color, creating soul portraits of great humor and impact. He has always had a good eye for the unusual and the absurd, and has the ability to express his visions in wonderfully whimsical ways.  Art Exhibit runs through Mid-March.

Donations welcome

Richard Gaeta

Always spontaneous, painted characters and scenes of Richard Gaeta inspired vivid descriptions.  He has since written a number of short plays, which have been produced.  A current project is a series of greeting cards featuring fantastic birds complete with field notes (available for sale in our bookstore during the exhibition).  His art has been shown at various venues in the Seattle area.

Online Doug Safranek View works from his recent exhibit online here
(exhibit was at ACA Galleries • 529 West 20th ST NYC • 212-206-8080)
Online Dan Marshall Photos of work by artist Dan Marshall are on-line at Dan designed the second Threshold publication for Anthroposophy NYC, and has exhibited in our space.