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Rudolf Steiner's 1923
Verse to America.

Theme of the Year
"The I knows itself in the Light of Michaelic World Affirmation"

The theme for the year 2014-2015 is available online. Constanza Kaliks has written the descriptive article for the Goetheanum Leadership.

"The arc from Society to individual is continued with this theme. Like the Society, the individual confronts the same challenges as other contemporaries and must also find a connection to the world—as a basis for self-knowledge."Continue reading...

Using the Library...

If you wish to borrow books from the library or wish to become part of the Library Committee or simply would like to help as a volunteer, please contact Albert Spekman, or simply come during bookstore hours and speak with Sylvia Mandel. The use of the library is free to current members. The library places over 2,000 books at your disposal. They are arranged into two sections: books by Rudolf Steiner arranged by title, and books by other authors arranged by author. We are proud to offer you a great selection of titles on varied themes: Esoteric Studies, Meditation, Inner Development, Reincarnation and Karma, Life after Death, Social Renewal, the Gospels, Nature and Biodynamics, and the Arts. We invite you to make use of this valuable resource. Procedures for borrowing books are stated on the linked page.
Albert Spekman,
Sylvia Mandel


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The Rudolf Steiner Bookstore is open seven days/week! Click for the schedule...

Event: Feb 21-23,
The Actors' Ensemble presents Washington Square, Henry James' tragic story of a woman's relationship with her father and a possible fortune hunter. Faithful to James' original text, four actors (Bethany Caputo, Chris Smith, Fern Sloan, and Ted Pugh) will narrate the story and play all of the characters in this 19th century masterpiece. In development since 2011, it comes to NYC after an initial run in Spencertown, NY. — The Actors' Ensemble was founded in 1985 in New York City by a group of professional actors (members of Anthroposophy NYC) inspired by acting techniques taught by Russian-born actor Michael Chekhov. TAE has created and performed theatre productions across the US and in Europe, developed a two year college level acting program through Sunbridge College, and in March 2015 will open a new acting school—the Michael Chekhov School, to be located at Solaris, 360 Warren Street, in Hudson, NY.

Books: in the Rudolf Steiner Bookstore, and new in SteinerBooks' Collected Works: Rudolf Steiner's Awake! For the Sake of the Future, 12 lectures given January 5–28, 1923, by the ashes of the First Goetheanum.

Soul Exercises 1903-1924 (CW267) is essential help to all who take up the anthroposophic path of inner work. Those interested in the work of Lisa Romero will also want her new book, The Inner Work Path.

Now in stock: volume II of Peter Selg's Rudolf Steiner: Life & Work, 1890-1900 Weimar & Berlin. "It makes no sense to stop where Goethe stood. Yet we cannot progress unless we absorb Goethe deeply and allow ourselves to be wholly inspired by the impulses he brought into the world... Anyone who was careless enough to live at the end of the nineteenth century must bear it." (RS, 1891) Those careless enough to live in the early 21st century have Goethe, Steiner, and a good deal more to absorb!

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We are always looking for volunteers to help support our work. We are currently looking in the areas of fundraising, calendar coordination, and the bookstore. Could you help?
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Fri Mar 6

Members' Evening

Future Programs

Wed Mar 18, 7:00pm Regular fees
Evening Talk

The Soul's Two Paths to the Threshold:
Buddha and Zarathustra in Our Times

Dr. James Dyson

Mar 20/21, Fri 6-9pm/Sat 8:30am-5pm
Steiner Books Spiritual Research Seminar – at NYU

Rudolf Steiner: His Years of Preparation

Peter Selg, Rahel Kern, Christopher Bamford, and eurythmist Sea-Anna Vasilas

Fri Mar, 27, 7pm;
Sat 28, 10am-5pm

special fees
Presentation & Discussion,
Saturday Workshop

"When Two or More Are Gathered" &

The Karma Of Relationships

Lynn Jericho

Thu Apr 02, 7pm donations
Seder Event and Last Supper

Passover/Holy Thursday

Phoebe & Walter Alexander, Joyce Reilly

April 3-5,
Fri eve,
Sat day,
Sun afternoon

special fees

Inner/ Outer Biography &
The Easter Mysteries

Lisa Romero

Wed May 13,

regular fees
Evening Lecture - topic tbd

Thomas Meyer

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