Steiner's American Verse

Rudolf Steiner, 1923
a verse sent to America

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If you wish to borrow books from the library or wish to become part of the Library Committee or simply would like to help as a volunteer, please contact Albert Spekman, or simply come during bookstore hours and speak with Sylvia Mandel. The use of the library is free to current members. The library places over 2,000 books at your disposal. They are arranged into two sections: books by Rudolf Steiner arranged by title, and books by other authors arranged by author. We are proud to offer you a great selection of titles on varied themes: Esoteric Studies, Meditation, Inner Development, Reincarnation and Karma, Life after Death, Social Renewal, the Gospels, Nature and Biodynamics, and the Arts. We invite you to make use of this valuable resource. Procedures for borrowing books are stated on the linked page.
Albert Spekman,
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Current Art Exhibit



Invitation: The Performance Group

Attention all artists, musicians (any instrument), singers, video or film artists, dancers, eurythmists, speech formation performers, designers, sewing people, puppeteers, actors, and anyone who does anything creative or would like to learn how (beginners and professionals alike):
  We are beginning a performance group, directed by Vincent Roppolo and David Taulbee Anderson, to work on a piece written by David. The way it will be elaborated and worked out will be enriched by the performance and design contributions of the participants, all of whom will work out their contributions in their personal manner with the integrating help of the directors. No experience is necessary, only a desire to be a part of a Gesamtkunstwerk or "Total Work of Art" uniting all the arts into a unified performance artwork. The piece will be in the direction of opera in its primal sense.
  Rudolf Steiner pointed to such works as the future of creative art and spoke of Wagner as a pioneer in this direction. Working in this direction develops the higher members of the human being. Joseph Beuys is also a more contemporary artist who worked in the area of performance art and Rudolf Steiner's social ideas.
Anyone has something to contribute if it be only speaking in a chorus or singing. It will depend largely on the individual what he or she will contribute. The piece is already conceived in its skeleton outlines, but it will be fleshed out and developed by the group work through the individuals involved, and there is much room for creative development and metamorphosis. There are also opportunities for contributions that can be purely behind the scenes, such as sewing or painting or making props or costumes. This group is also a social exercise to see how groups can work together and allow the individuality of each member to express itself while harmonizing with the goals of the group as a whole. The content of the piece has this as it's theme and deals with its opposing forces.
  We will meet once or twice a month to develop the piece and will have a performances at festival times. We will either have new pieces for each festival or continue developing the original piece. The piece will end up with a performance time of between an hour and an hour and a half.

Theme of the Year 2014-2015: "The I knows itself - in the Light of Michaelic World Affirmation"

The new theme for the year 2014-2015 has been published. Constanza Kaliks has written the descriptive article for the Goetheanum Leadership.

"The arc from Society to individual is continued with this theme. Like the Society, the individual confronts the same challenges as other contemporaries and must also find a connection to the world—as a basis for self-knowledge."Continue reading...

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Sat 20

Winter Solstice Workshop

Lust, Lucifer, Abuse:
A Challenge from the Spirit in Our Time

Lisa Romero

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Dec 26th–Jan 6th

The Holy Nights & Epiphany

Thu Jan 15, 7:00pm

Inner & Outer Biography

Lisa Romero

Feb 21-23: Sat 7:30, Sun 2:00, Mon 7:30pm

Washington Square by Henry James

Fern Sloan & Ted Pugh

Thu Mar 12, 7:00pm
Evening Talk - topic TBD

Dr. James Dyson

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