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Rudolf Steiner's 1923 Verse to America.

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Theme of the Year
"The I knows itself in the Light of Michaelic World Affirmation and World Connection"

The new international theme for the year is available online with multiple articles by the Goetheanum Leadership and others.

"The arc from Society to individual was continued in [this past year's] theme... In addition to 'world-affirmation' we would like to add 'world-connection.' By expanding the theme, the fundamental anthroposophical self-knowledge and self-development evolve to an active engagement in the world."Continue reading...

If you wish to borrow books from the library or wish to become part of the Library Committee or simply would like to help as a volunteer, please contact Albert Spekman, or simply come during bookstore hours and ask the person on duty. The use of the library is free to current members. The library places over 2,000 books at your disposal. They are arranged into two sections: books by Rudolf Steiner arranged by title, and books by other authors arranged by author. We are proud to offer you a great selection of titles on varied themes: Esoteric Studies, Meditation, Inner Development, Reincarnation and Karma, Life after Death, Social Renewal, the Gospels, Nature and Biodynamics, and the Arts. We invite you to make use of this valuable resource. Procedures for borrowing books are stated on the linked page.
Albert Spekman,
Sylvia Mandel


SteinerBooks Seminar + Party

2016: “Engaging the Heart”
Sat-Sun, March 18-19
NYU Kimmel Center
with After Party at ASNYC!

SteinerBooks’ annual spiritual research seminar at NYU's Kimmel Center (60 Washington Square South, NYC) will feature professionals actively engaged in the world in developing new heart forces in social life, law, medicine, and education. Aonghus Gordon, Peter Gruenewald, Maureen Curran, and William Manning will explore contemporary problems and offer new models and paradigms to find creative solutions and opportunities for building a more human future. Read all the details here and plan to make the short walk up town for the After Party on Saturday, March 19th.
Anthroposophy NYC is honored to host the SteinerBooks Spiritual Research Seminar After Party for a second year at our branch home just a few blocks away from the NYU Kimmel Center. Following last year’s well-attended and spirited evening, we'll again be offering a meeting place for seminar attendees to gather after the weekend’s events to enjoy warm company, live entertainment, biodynamic wines, and light refreshments. The party will commence shortly after the close of the seminar on Saturday. We invite everyone to join us for hearty post-seminar conversations before heading out to explore the NYC nightlife. Thanks to SteinerBooks for their collaboration and to all those who filled our branch last year. We look forward to another evening of living community!

Art Exhibit

Sara Parrilli and Laura Summer
In this exhibit (through March 13) we will explore a collaboration on color, using various approaches, media, intentions and inspirations. Is painting an expression of an artist or a conversation between the artist and the color? What happens when the motif becomes recognizable? What about when it is “abstract”? As a viewer does it matter what lens we use to look at a painting? Is our thinking-understanding different from our feeling-understanding?
Sara Parrilli began handcrafts and visual arts in Waldorf school, holds a BA from the Fashion Institute of Technology and completed the Free Columbia Art Course in Philmont, NY. Free Columbia co-founder Laura Summer trained with Jennifer Thomson; her approach to color is influenced by Beppe Assenza, Rudolf Steiner, and by Goethe’s color theory.

Exhibit Online

The Growing Imagination Web Gallery
Displayed in Centerpoint Gallery in Spring 2015, this exhibition of paintings is now online. It is by artists following Rudolf Steiner's Training path for painters, a working group led by David Taulbee Anderson. Visit the group on Facebook: "Rudolf Steiner's Training Path for Painters."

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February programs (PDF)

Fri Feb 5

Monthly meeting; donations

Members’ Evening

Sat-Sun, Feb 6-7
Weekend Workshop

Three talk/conversations
+ Sun workshop
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Meeting & Shaping
the Future

John Beck

Saturday 10:30am—12:30pm
Human Evolution: an “Open Secret”

Saturday 2:30pm—4:30pm
Evolving Science and Culture

Saturday 7:00pm—9:00pm
Becoming More Consciously Human

Sunday 2:00pm—5:30pm (with 30 minute break)
Strategic Planning for a Humane Global Civilization

Wed Feb 17

Lecture #6 of 10

Healing Plants

David Taulbee Anderson

#6: Pea, Bedstraw, Spurge, & Lily Families

Mon Feb 22

Eurythmy Workshop;
regular fees

“The Sun Burst...”

Linda Larson

Thu Feb 25

An Evening Singing Workshop; regular fees

Health through Singing:
“The School of Uncovering the Voice”

Christiaan Boele

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