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Rudolf Steiner's 1923 Verse to America.

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Theme of the Year
"The I knows itself in the Light of Michaelic World Affirmation and World Connection"

The new international theme for the year is available online with multiple articles by the Goetheanum Leadership and others.

"The arc from Society to individual was continued in [this past year's] theme... In addition to 'world-affirmation' we would like to add 'world-connection.' By expanding the theme, the fundamental anthroposophical self-knowledge and self-development evolve to an active engagement in the world."Continue reading...

If you wish to borrow books from the library or wish to become part of the Library Committee or simply would like to help as a volunteer, please contact Albert Spekman, or simply come during bookstore hours and ask the person on duty. The use of the library is free to current members. The library places over 2,000 books at your disposal. They are arranged into two sections: books by Rudolf Steiner arranged by title, and books by other authors arranged by author. We are proud to offer you a great selection of titles on varied themes: Esoteric Studies, Meditation, Inner Development, Reincarnation and Karma, Life after Death, Social Renewal, the Gospels, Nature and Biodynamics, and the Arts. We invite you to make use of this valuable resource. Procedures for borrowing books are stated on the linked page.
Albert Spekman,
Sylvia Mandel


Group! The Summer Study Group continues as the Foundation Studies Group, reading Rudolf Steiner's Occult Science, an Outline. See the Groups page for details.
And starting in October, meeting twice monthly, the New Meditation Group. October 15 & 29; Nov tba, Thursdays, 7-9pm. Led by Laura Tucker and Vincent Roppolo.
Also being planned: a monthly group based on the work of Lisa Romero and Dennis Klocek. “The Inner Work Path and Conscious Transformation”: an in depth experiential group using Lisa’s book The Inner Work Path and the mandala image process developed by Denns Klocek in his Counsciousness Studies Intensive. Interested? Contact Laura Tucker, 212-242-8945.

Art Exhibit

by David Taulbee Anderson
David trained with Gerard Wagner at the Wagner School of Painting at the Goetheanum. He received a painting teaching certificate from the Goetheanum and currently teaches watercolor with Rudolf Steiner’s training motifs in Manhattan. This exhibition records a stream of daily work based on original ideas carried out in the quicker and more direct medium of tempera on cardboard. The new paintings would not have arisen without long training and teaching with watercolors that opened up a relationship with the essence and the being of color.

Volunteer for Anthroposophy NYC!

We are always looking for volunteers to help support our work. We are currently looking in the areas of fundraising, calendar coordination, and the bookstore. Could you help?
Click here to let us know. Include your name, how to contact you, your expertise and interests, and your availability. Thank you!


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October programs (PDF)

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Street closings during the Pope's visit

Sun Sept 27
4-7:pm – $5 suggested donation
Festival Celebration & Potluck

Michaelmas Festival

Mon Sept 28
7pm – regular fees
Eurythmy Workshop

Michaelmas Time of Year

Linda Larson

Fri Oct 02
Monthly meeting

Members’ Evening

Members of the NY Branch and/or the Anthroposophical Society

Sat Oct 10
2:00-4:00pm – donations
Open Saturday

Robert Frost in the light of spiritual Science, & Vice Versa

Andy Leaf

Wed Oct 14
regular fees
Lecture – #2 of 10

Healing Plants

David Taulbee Anderson
The Carrot Family
The Poppy Family
Carnivorous Plants

Fri Oct 16
7pm – regular fees
Evening Lecture

What Moves the BLood

Branko Furst, MD

Mon Oct 19
7pm – regular fees
Eurythmy Workshop

Autumn is here

Linda Larson

Fri Oct 30
7pm - regular fees

“Don’t want to tell you what to do”

The Performance Group

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